Mano Leyrado

Born in 1987. I am from one of the guilty victims of pos-modernism generation, It is hard to explain my work, it jump between different disciplines and areas. With a dip interest on stetic, I inmerse in culture spattering projects of group mangament and personal pieces.
“Pirámide Selva” (Pyramid jungle) result of my interest in colective culture -of a lateral circuit- developing platforms for artist diffusion. As curator, I tie threads betweeen art pieces and creators to promote unit growth. The pyramide is Apolo, the jungle is Dionisio.
Technology is a tool to expose thoughts, throught my art pieces I generate dialogue with the spectator moving it to hypotetical universes where metaphysics is protagonist
Graphic design is my comunication with society, throught it I learn to do under the other requirments, growing the power of the adaptation to the word.
I am a courious navigator of representations, I observe, I investigate and I work. I learn philosophy, history, stetic, art, simbology. But I never stop searching answres on ignorance, chaos and nature.